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Weekend Update

Another great weekend of watching my kids achieve in sport. I just love watching them play, have fun and just be well rounded kids. I didn’t make it up to Nyah’s Gymnastics competition as money is really going to be such a deciding factor going forward in enjoying some of the things they do.
This will be a tough week as it will be the first week of not having them overnight. I have to get moving on getting out of my house. Such a difficult thing, change and yet I am ready for it. I have come to terms with the decision and in the grand scheme of life, it is what it is, just another direction. Someone put’s up a red light, you turn right. You adapt and find a way to keep traveling. It’s only when you stop moving that you have given up.

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Running Log :: Treadmill time

It is ice rain and snow outside, not outdoor running weather. Anyhow I pushed a bit too hard at one point and didn’t get the distance in that I wanted. After the run I headed to Sarah’s for massage and realized just how screwed up everything is. I have so much work to do stretching and deep tissue relief over the next few months. I also have to stop the insane workouts and focus more on running specific workouts.

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Running Log :: Outside

Nice run outside today doing an easy 10k with walk breaks. I finished the run in 58:08 and was pleased with it. The sun was out and it was just perfect to set the mood.

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Running Log :: Easy 5K

Back to training! After a few days off for both vacation and recovery I hit the treamill for a very easy 5km continuous run. Really didn’t push it, just loosened up the legs. Didn’t even sport the new shoes yet.

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Books :: three titles

Managed to get through three books over the last couple weeks. I loved each one in their own way. They couldn’t be more different. As I had a lack luster high school career, reading was not a priority. Having said that I finally got around to a great book, To kill a Mockingbird. I loved it, the ending was wonderful and it just made me feel great to get through this one. Guess I’ll have to see the movie this weekend.
After that I read The Shack after having seen the previews for the soon to be released movie. I must say at times I was getting frustrated with the theological preachiness but in the end I have to say I would actually consider reading it a second time. Lastly was a mystery novel, The Shadow of the Wind and this one was AWESOME… I couldn’t wait to get to the end. I did see the one twist coming a couple pages before it came clean with it and it was perfect. A must read if you are a mystery fan.

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Cuba :: 2017 with mom

Well another great trip to Cuba with mom and it’s great seeing all the people at this resort again. Got in last night and upon arrival the weather was a mild 1 degree. I had such a wonderful week and really needed this break. Managed to get some running in even though I was sick to start the vacation. By the end I gave up on working out and running as I was just too dehydrated from all the beer and lack of water. It’s all good, we all need a breat from time to time. I read some great books to while I was away. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Shack an djust about finished Shadow of the Wind.

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Running log :: Last Cuba run

This is the last of my running in Cuba while I’m here. Going to spend the rest of the vacation relaxing. Had a great 6km run even though I had planned to only do 5. Not looking forward to running back home.

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Running Log :: Cuban 10k

Out for another run along my favorite trail. Got another 10km in and the Bay training continues.

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Running Log :: Cuba

Oh how I so love running in the sun. Back in Cuba and despite the horrible cough, got a good run in. I don’t know there is anything better than running along the side of the road on the horse tracks along side the palm trees. Bliss

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Writings :: Game On

Today’s positive Outlook is a story. Have your coffee and enjoy…

We are all individuals. Given that, we can all be gathered up in a few categories. There are the continuously negative where everything happens to them despite their best effort. The observers who watch others and complain about every action taken by those who live life. They are the ones that want everyone to stop playing. If they can’t play, neither should anyone else. Then, there are those that have been fortunate enough to have never had to taste the bitter.I say that with an air of sarcasm. Those poor souls have always just observed. They are the spectators, the sidekicks, and the white noise.

I can say my greatest quality is an ability to see everything as an attainable challenge, and the one thing I am most proud of is never failing. My reference is not towards the little setbacks, such as having to repeat a course, not hitting a home run the first 100 at bats in the minor, minor, minor beer league. Nor would it be the fact that the recollection of my first goal is in my own net prior to achieving mediocre house league status and eventually scoring on the other team’s goalie. Never failing means never giving up.

There are so many adventures ahead of me and getting knocked down from time to time isn’t only tolerable, it is in fact what makes existing fun. I am constantly told I have the best stories. Fact is, we all have the best stories. I simply pride myself on storytelling and lesson sharing. Proof? You’re reading one right now! If I had a lesson to share about being knocked down I would talk about bullying, being stripped naked in high school and thrown outside. Imagine if you will, all the grade 12 kids in the smoking area seeing a naked grade 9 kid in a snowbank just outside the boy’s physed changeroom emergency exit. Tell them about shrinkage Jerry! If you were there you would also have know I hadn’t really hit puberty yet. It was not so fun then, but a magnificent story now about character building. That moment along with countless other intimidating actions steered me a few short years later to my first great fist fight. The learned lesson being that a punch to the face is nothing compared to the day-to-day terrorizing of my spirit, and fighting back was rather awe-inspiring. In the end it was over simply because the tormenters only enjoy easy targets. After a few more of these knuckle scraping incidents I realized I would never go pro. I was a movie cliché in the parking lots at closing time. The lessons harnessed from that time would provide me the mental strength to focus on surviving some scary physical situations later in life.

Someone that sees life as an achievable challenge is the person who gets back on the motorbike after a near death crash. A person who stands on a high bridge and does a one and a half into dark water after having broken his neck only a few years earlier. We are the people that seek out jumping from a plane just because we trust the parachute, ourselves and not doing it is being a spectator. We board a plane to a foreign country by ourselves with no itinerary. We do these because we know that anything is possible. We are the ones that go back to school later in life and continue to get better because staying the same isn’t an option. Stitches, concussions, broken bones. Physical scars on the outside heal and so do the ones on the inside. The best part of living is in fact, living.

When these challenging events present themselves you can succumb to them and decide you are done playing. You then take a few steps back and waste your time sheltered from life, an observer of others living it. You grow into a spectator of your own life. You are neither the protagonist nor the antagonist. You are the crowd and the background noise that the writer inserts into the paragraph to heighten the experience of the people truly living the life.
Me? Life is achievable. Getting back up is like anything else, you need to do over and over for it to become easier. Rocketing down the ice with the puck and I see it in the goalie’s eyes, he realizes he needs to pay attention as I have recognised scoring is feasible. It’s about the pitcher being mindful that he can’t just throw anything at me, I’ve learned to hit the home run. It’s about watching a sunset while falling from the sky waiting to open a parachute because I know I can. It’s about getting up, brushing off the dirt, and working the smile back into my day to day, reminding myself, GAME ON!

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